Revised Instructions for Rescheduling ASC Appointments

Application Support Centers, often called an ASC, offer fingerprinting services, usually after filing of an application for an immigration benefit.  Applicants are usually notified about an ASC appointment by mail and should wait to receive the notice.  If an applicant cannot make the appointment the latest can and should be rescheduled.  USCIS recently revised instructions provided on ASC notices for rescheduling appointments.  It advises that rescheduling requests for ASC appointments must be sent to the following address and not to the local ASC (as previously instructed): BPU / Alexandria ASC / Suite 100 / 8850 Richmond Hwy / Alexandria, VA 22309-1586.  USCIS instructions indicate that a copy of the original notice should be retained, and the original appointment notice and rescheduling request should be mailed to the address listed above.  Alternatively, applicants can call the NCSC 1-800 number to reschedule the appointment, which then gets routed to the proper service center with the file. These requests are interfiled with the case and are visible to the officer adjudicating the case. 


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